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Chico Store Front Chico Garden Center is dedicated to providing the best nutrients and equipment for plant enthusiasts and gardeners of all ages and interests. Growing excellent plants is both a science and an art, and experienced growers know that there are ways to continuously improve their techniques to push plants to the limits of productivity. Horticultural and agricultural research has advanced rapidly in recent decades to give growers a wide range of products that precisely control the growing conditions and allow manipulations in plant nutrition to unlock the genetic potential of a wide range of important crops.
Chico Garden Center currently features a wide selection of Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Advanced Nutrients, House and Garden, and Vital Earth nutrients. We also specialize in compost tea ingredients such as high phosphorous guanos, worm castings, beneficial bacteria and fungi, and Bountea compost tea kits. Chico Garden Center also has a variety of environmental controls for custom automated products, carbon dioxide generators and monitoring sensors, high intensity discharge lighting (High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide) systems, air cleaners, and components for hydroponics systems.
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Nutrients and Soils
Organics, Synthetics, and Boosters
for Soil and Hydroponics
Lights and Accessories
To Create a Controlled Environment
and Help Monitor Garden Vitals
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3028 Esplanade Ave. Unit E
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